The Young Symphonist Volume 1 (Violin/Piano)

The Young Symphonist Volume 1 (Violin/Piano)
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Symphony In D Major (1st Movement) [Salieri, Antonio]; Symphony in G Major (Menuet & Trio) [Vanhal, Johann Baptiste]; Symphony No.1 (1st Movement) [Elgar, Edward]; Symphony No.1 (2nd Movement) [Mendelssohn, Felix]; Symphony No.1 (3rd Movement) [Mahler, Gustav]; Symphony No.104 (4th Movement) [Haydn, Franz Joseph]; Symphony No.15 (3rd Movement) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Symphony No.2 (1st Movement) [Weber, Carl Maria von]; Symphony No.2 (2nd Movement) [Abel, Carl Friedrich]; Symphony No.2 (2nd Movement) [Schumann, Robert]; Symphony No.2 (4th Movement) [Saint-Saens, Camille]; Symphony No.2 (4th Movement) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]; Symphony No.4 (1st Movement) [Brahms, Johannes]; Symphony No.5 (1st Movement) [Schubert, Franz]; Symphony No.5 (4th Movement) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
The symphony is often regarded as the pinnacle of orchestral composition, and undoubtedly it is a musical form used by composers to write some of their most famous and best-loved melodies. This three-volumed Young Symphonist was created in order to introduce the budding violin student to these wonderful tunes.

The music has been carefully selected, arranged and adapted, and incorporates relevant finger patterns, position changes and bowing techniques in order to meet the technical challenges of specific exam levels. The piano accompaniments have been kept quite simple and idiomatic.

The symphonic themes are presented in chronological order, and each collection includes examples from the 18ths, 19th and 20th centuries. There is an opportunity to become familiar with the works of the great masters – Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Schubert, Elgar – and also experience the music of some less familiar composers such as Myslivicek, Vanhal and Salieri.
VLN, PFA, Violine, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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