The Oxford Book Of English Madrigals

The Oxford Book Of English Madrigals
Notenbuch Oxford University Press
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Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis [Wilbye, John]; Adieu, Ye City-Prisoning Towers [Tomkins, Thomas]; Ah, Dear Heart [Gibbons, Orlando]; All Creatures Now [Bennett, John]; April Is In My Mistress‘ Face [Morley, Thomas]; As Vesta Was [Weelkes, Thomas]; Come Away, Sweet Love [Greaves, Thomas]; Come, Gentle Swains [Cavendish, Michael]; Come, Sable Night [Ward, John]; Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! [Weelkes, Thomas]; Consture My Meaning [Farnaby, Giles]; Dainty Fine Bird [Gibbons, Orlando]; Draw On, Sweet Night [Wilbye, John]; Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling [Farmer, John]; Fair Phyllis I Saw [Farmer, John]; Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers [Wilbye, John]; Fyer, Fyer! [Morley, Thomas]; Hard By A Crystal Fountain [Morley, Thomas]; Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints [Weelkes, Thomas]; Hence, Care, Thou Art Too Cruel [Weelkes, Thomas]; I Love, Alas, I Love Thee [Morley, Thomas]; Lady, When I Behold [Wilbye, John]; Leave, Alas, This Tormenting [Morley, Thomas]; Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby [Byrd, William]; Mother, I Will Have A Husband [Vautor, Thomas]; Music Divine [Tomkins, Thomas]; My Bonny Lass She Smileth [Morley, Thomas]; No Haste But Good [East, Michael]; Now Is The Month Of Maying [Morley, Thomas]; O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch Me [Weelkes, Thomas]; O That The Learned Poets [Gibbons, Orlando]; O What Shall I Do? [Wilbye, John]; O Yes! Has Any Found A Lad? [Tomkins, Thomas]; Out From The Vale [Ward, John]; Poor Is The Life [East, Michael]; Quick, Quick, Away, Dispatch! [East, Michael]; See What A Maze Of Error [Kirbye, George]; See, See The Shepherds‘ Queen [Tomkins, Thomas]; Since Robin Hood [Weelkes, Thomas]; Sing We And Chant It [Morley, Thomas]; Sing We At Pleasure [Weelkes, Thomas]; Sleep, Fleshly Birth [Ramsey, Robert]; Strike It Up, Tabor [Weelkes, Thomas]; Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees [Wilbye, John]; Sweet Suffolk Owl [Vautor, Thomas]; The Andalusian Merchant [Weelkes, Thomas]; The Silver Swan [Gibbons, Orlando]; This Sweet And Merry Month Of May [Byrd, William]; Those Sweet Delightful Lilies [Bateson, Thomas]; Though Amaryllis Dance [Byrd, William]; Though Philomela Lost Her Love [Morley, Thomas]; Thule, The Period Of Cosmography [Weelkes, Thomas]; Too Much I Once Lamented [Tomkins, Thomas]; Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth [Gibbons, Orlando]; Weep, O Mine Eyes [Bennett, John]; Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes [Wilbye, John]; What Is Our Life? [Gibbons, Orlando]; Whither Away So Fast? [Morley, Thomas]; Yet, Sweet, Take Heed [Wilbye, John]
This book is a collection of madrigals composed in England during the late 16th and early 17th Century and contains more than fifty pieces all in a handy, vocal study score. These part-songs are examples of some of the finest English music ever written and are possibly more superior in truth and expressiveness than the madrigals composed in Italy, where the form was invented and flourished over a long period. This impressive volume features works by composers such as Michael Cavenish, William Byrd, John Wilbye, Orlando Gibbons and Thomas Bateson. All the madrigals included have been set for diiferent voices and choral arrangements.
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