The King’s Singers: Book Of Rounds, Canons And Partsongs

The King's Singers: Book Of Rounds, Canons And Partsongs
Notenbuch The King’s Singers Hal Leonard

A Round Of Three Country Dances In One; Adieu, Sweet Amarillis; Ah, Poor Bird; Ah, Robyn, Gentil Robyn; All Things Shall Perish; Alleluia; Alleluya; Ave Maria; Benedictus; Blow Thou Horne, Thou Jolly Hunter; Christe, Der Du Bist Tang Und Licht; Christmas Is Coming; Coffee Canon; Come Follow; Come Let Us All A-maying Go; Dame, Lend Me A Loaf; De Terra Christus Ascendit; Dona Nobis Pacem; Fie, Nay, Prithee, John; Flow, O My Tears; Follow Me Quickly; French Cathedrals; Freu Duch Des Lebens; Friends, Forget The Cares; Happy Be Thou, Heavenly Queen; Hark! The Bonny Christchurch Bells Ring; Hava Na Shira; He That Will An Ale House Keep; Hey Down A Down; Hey Ho, Anybody Home; Hey Ho, To The Greenwood; Hotaru Koi; I Gave Her Cakes And I Gave Her Ale; I Goe Before My Darling; I Will Not Plead; If Turn’d Topsy Turvy; Jack Boy, Ho Boy Newis; Jesu, Rex Admirabilis; Joan, Come Kiss Me Now; Jolly Shepherd; Jubilate Deo; Kukurika; Lady, Come Down And See Me; Little Jack Horner; Lo Yisa Goi; Mi Gallo; Musing; My Dame Hath A Lame, Tame Crane; New Oysters; Non Nobis, Domine; Now God Be With Old Simeon; Now, Robin Lend To Me Thy Bow; O Lord, Turne Not Away Thy Face; Oaken Leaves; Oh Praise The Lord; Once, Twice, Thrice; One, Two, Three, Our Number Is Right; Perche Vezzosi Rai; Round (Beethoven); Round (Demantius); Round (Haydn); Round (Perti); Round (Schubert); Round (Telemann); Round [Salieri]; Round 1 (Caldara); Round 1 (Mozart); Round 2 (Caldara); Round 2 (Mozart); Round 3 (Caldara); Shalom Chaverim; Since Time So Kind; Sing We Now Merrily; Sing With Thy Mouth; Sing You Now After Me; Summer Is A-coming In; Swiftly Flowing Labe; Tallis‘ Canon; Tan Ta Ra Ran Tan Tant; The Little Bells Of Westminster; The New Day; The Owl And The Cuckoo; The Silver Swan; There Is A Flower; There Was An Old Man; ‚tis Thus, Thus And Thus; To Portsmouth; Turn Again, Whittington; Under This Stone; Viva La Musica; Wake Up Canon; Welcome, Welcome, Ev’ry Guest; Well Rung, Tom Boy; When Jesus Wept; White Coral Bells; White Sand And Grey Sand; Who’ll Buy My Roses
Die spannende Kollektion von 99 Gesängen, Kanons und Partsongs ist für alle Sänger/-innen jeder Altersgruppe geeignet, um sich spielerisch im mehrstimmigen und versetzten Gesang zu üben. Die riesige Auswahl an Liedern ist in Kategorien unterteilt: Englische, weltliche Stücke vor 1700, sakrale Stücke ebenfalls vor 1700 und Lieder nach 1700. Zusammengestellt von den international renommierten King’s Singers.
SATB, SATB (Gemischter Chor) Englisch
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