The Brecht-Eisler Song Book

The Brecht-Eisler Song Book
Notenbuch Brecht and Eisler Oak Publications
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A German At Stalingrad; A Hollywood Elegy; Abortion Is Illegal; All Or Nothing; And The Times Are Dark And Fearful; And What Did She Get; Ballad Of Marie Sanders; Ballad Of The Soldier; Change The World: It Needs It; Coal For Mike; Come Out And Fight; Do Not Cry Marie; Easter Sunday; Happy The Man; How The Wind Blows; On Suicide; On The World’s Kindness; Peace Song; Praise Of Illegal Work; Praise Of Study; Praise Of The U.S.S.R; Solidarity Song; Song Of A German Mother; Song Of The Little Wind; Song Of The Moldau; Song Of The Rice-barge Coolies; Song Of The United Front; Supply And Demand; The German Miserere; The Gray Goose; The Homecoming; The Love Market; The Mask Of Wickedness; The Poplar Tree On Karlsplatz; The Sprinkling Of Gardens; The Tree And The Branches; There’s Nothing Quite Like Money; To The Little Radio; To Those Who Come After: Three Elegies; We Are The Scum Of The Earth
Zweiundvierzig Lieder auf deutsches und englisch durch Bertolt Brecht und Hanns Eisler. Redigiert durch Eric Bentley.
PVG(S), Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre (mit Akkordsymbolen) Englisch
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