The Boosey And Hawkes Trumpet Anthology

The Boosey And Hawkes Trumpet Anthology
Notenbuch Boosey & Hawkes

A Simple Song (Mass) [Bernstein, Leonard]; Billy And His Sweetheart (Billy The Kid) [Copland, Aaron]; Caprice (Three Bagatelles) [Tull, Fisher]; Conversation [Grundman, Clare]; Cries And Whispers [Rorem, Ned]; Eight Profiles [Tull, Fisher]; Enjoying Life [Eröd, Ivan]; Fanfare And Berceuse [Butterworth, Arthur]; Fanfare For A New Theatre [Stravinsky, Igor]; Fanfare For Lowry [Davies, Peter Maxwell]; Fanfare For St. Edmundsbury [Britten, Benjamin]; Fantasy Piece [Schwertsik, Kurt]; Improvisation (Three Bagatelles) [Tull, Fisher]; Prelude (Three Bagatelles) [Tull, Fisher]; Quiet City [Copland, Aaron]; Red, White And Blues [Bernstein, Leonard]; Rhapsody [Tull, Fisher]; Rondo For Lifey [Bernstein, Leonard]; Salm O Dewi Sant [Jenkins, Karl]; Serenade [Schwertsik, Kurt]; Slicked Back Tango [Kats Chernin, Elena]; Sonatina [Davies, Peter Maxwell]; Zion’s Walls (Old American Songs Set 2) [Copland, Aaron]
A collection featuring works by the most prominent Boosey & Hawkes composers, including Bernstein, Britten, Copland, Maxwell Davies, Rorem, Stravinsky, Tull, and others. Special study was paid to state contest solo lists, making these ideal collections for advanced high school and college players.
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