Technic Is Fun: Elementary B

Technic Is Fun: Elementary B
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A Walk In The Park (Felix Le Couppey); At The Beach (Henri Bertini); Bagpipe Dance (Felix Le Couppey); Bells Aere Ringing (Cornelius Gurlitt); Bicycle Riding (Hermann Berens); Busy Street (Louis Hohler); Dance Of The Marionettes (Hermann Berens); Exploring The Caves (Carl Czerny); Flying Fish (Louis Hohler); French Waltz (Fritz Spindler); German Waltz (Victor Alphonse Duvernoy); Grizzly Bear Dance (Louis Hohler); Hinking Up The Hill (Carl Czerny); Hop, Skip And Jump (Henri Bertini); Horseback Riding (Christian Gottfried Krause); In A Hot Air Balloon (Felix Le Couppey); In A Kayak (Cornelius Gurlitt); In My Garden (Ludwig Schytte); In The Marching Band (Louis Streabbog); Jack And The Giant (Ferenc Brauer); Jumping Rope (Carl Czerny); Marching In The Schoolyard (Carl Czerny); Melody Of Spring (Fritz Spindler); Motorcycle Riding (Carl Albert Loschhorn); My Pet Goldfish (Carl Czerny); On A Field Trip (Carl Czerny); On My Skateboard (Ludwig Schytte); Parade Of The Elephants (Ludwig Schytte); Playing Hopscotch (Henry Lemoine); Rainy Day (Cornelius Gurlitt); Robins On The Lawn (Anton Diabelli); Rowing In The Park (Hermann Berens); Sliding Down The Waterslide (Cornelius Gurlitt)teddy Bear Dance (Louis Hohler); Soldiers In The Back Yard (Anton Diabelli); Sonatina (Hermann Berens); The Fox Hunt (Cornelius Gurlitt); Up And Down The Escalator (Cornelius Gurlitt); Wading In The Water (Cornelius Gurlitt); Walking The Dog (Albert Biehl); Woodpeckers At Play (Ludwig Schytte); Working Out (Ludwig Schytte)
‚Technic Is Fun‘ offers piano students a series of graded studies and etudes for the development of technic, style, and musicianship. These studies will reinforce the technical requirements found in method books and in standard piano repertory. The etudes found in this series not only build technic and musicality but also have been carefully selected to provide refreshing recital repertoire and to develop a strong musical and technical foundation.I.M.P.
PF, Klavier Englisch
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