Stacy Phillips: Favorite American Listening Pieces, Two-Steps & Marches For Fiddle

Stacy Phillips: Favorite American Listening Pieces, Two-Steps & Marches For Fiddle
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Avalon Quickstep [Namour, W.T.]; Bean Walker’s Mile [Smith, Lynn]; Big-Eared Mule [Salyer, John]; Birdie [Baker, Kenny]; Black Jack Grove [McNew, Walter]; Boggy Road To Texas [Farr, Hugh]; Bon Ton Schottische [Farr, Hugh]; Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine [Marcus, Tony]; Bonaparte’s March (A) [Barton, Elmer]; Bonaparte’s March (B) [Kirkhuff, Jehile]; British Field Marshal At New Orleans [Gorman, Skip] [Jardine, Mark]; Candy Girl [Barker, Kenny] [Monroe, Bill]; Candy Girl [Stephens, Bunt] [Molsky, Bruce]; Chinquapin [Parrish, Roscoe]; Cluck Old Hen [Acuff, Charlie]; Cluck Old Hen [Kosek, Ken]; Coleman’s March [Sutherland, Pete]; Eli Greene’s Cakewalk [Williams, Stuart] [Schaeffer, Arlie]; Evening Pleasures Schottische [Gilmore, Tony]; Evening Shade [Smith, Arthur]; Faded Love [Wills, Bob] [Gimble, Johnny] [Clements, Vassar]; Farewell Trion [Bryan, James] [Carlin, Bob]; Forty Drops [Blech, Kerry]; Forty Drops [Canote, Jere]; Fourteen Days in Georgia [Jackson, Tommy]; Haning’s Farewell [Kosek, Kenny] [Trishcka, Tony]; Hannah At The Springhouse [Wine, Melvin]; Happy Boy Schottische [Williams, Stuart]; Hard Road To Travel [Rothfield, Jane]; Hawks and Eagles [Rothfield, Jane]; Ian’s Tune [Leftwich, Brad]; In Come A Little Bee [Chapman, Owen]; Indian Ate The Woodchuck [Salyer, John]; John Brown’s March [Sutherland, Pete]; Just From The Fountain [Galbraith, Art]; Kanawha March [Kessinger, Clark]; Kansas City Kitty; Lady Hamilton [Marcus, Tony]; Lady Hamilton [Snead, Manco]; Leake County Two-Step [Freeny, Leslie]; Let’s Hunt The Horses [Milnes, Gerry]; Limerock [Berline, Byron]; Little Billy Wilson [Rothfield, Jane]; Little Rose [Douglas, Wilson]; Little Stream of Whiskey [Phillips, Doug]; Lowery’s Quadrille [Barnett, Armin]; Maple Sugar [Sutherland, Pete]; Marilla’s Lesson [Canote, Greg]; Martha Won’t You Have Some Good Old Cider [Carlton, Gaither]; McKinley’s March [Baker, Kenny] [Forrester, Howdy]; Military Schottische; Monroe County Quickstep [Rutherford, Leonard]; Muddy Creek [Bruce, Greene]; My Little Home In West Virginia [Hall, Ellis]; Old Bob [Green, Bruce]; Old Red [Ming, Hoyt]; Onion Tops and Turnip Greens [Prater, Bob]; Ora Lee [Bryan, James] [Carlin, Bob]; Pointe-Au-Pic [Dornfeld, Ruthie]; Pretty Little Indian [Cline, Curly Ray]; Pretty Little Indian [Glaser, Matt]; Prretty Little Dog [Dornfeld, Ruthie]; Redwing [Mills, Kerry]; Rose In The Mountain [Salyer, John]; Round The Horn [Ungar, Jay]; Rufus Rastus [Holloway, John] [Mississippi Possum Hunters, The]; Rutland’s Reel [Forrester, Howard]; Sales Tax Toddle [Shelton Nations]; Sally In The Garden 2 [Kosek, Ken]; Sambo [Blech, Kerry]; Say Old Man, Can You Play The Fiddle? (B) [McKenzie, Joey]; Say Old Man, Can You Play The Fiddle? [Forrester, Howard]; Seneca Square Dance [Hartford, John]; Seven Come Eleven; Shady Grove [Barnett, Armin] [Wright, Oscar]; Shag Poke [Conte, Pat]; Silver Bells [Gimble, Johnny] [Bruner, Cliff]; Sixteen Days in Georgia [Dornfeld, Ruthie]; Sixteen Days in Georgia [Kessinger, Clark]; Sleeping LuLu [Potts, Bob] [Koken, Walt]; Sleepy Lou [Ashby, John]; Snow Deer [Wenrich, Percy]; Spanish Two-Step [Wills, Bob]; Spring Creek Gal [Bryan, James] [Carlin, Bob]; Still On The Hill [Forrester, Howard]; Sugar Tree Stomp [Baker, Kenny]; Sweet Bunch of Daisies [Baker, Kenny]; Swing Your Partner [Sutphin, Kirk]; Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase [Sutphin, Kirk]; Texas Quickstep [Steeley, Red] [Baker, Kenny]; That Brownskin Gal [Robertson, Alexander]; That Brownskin Gal [Wills, Bob]; The Baltimore [Dickey, Lotus]; The Fireman’s Dance Cotillion [Kirkhuff, Jehile]; The Glory in the Meeting House [Strong, Luther]; The Old Ark’s A-Movin‘ [Kimble, Taylor]; The World Turned Upside Down; Three-In-One Two-Step [Williams, Daniel]; Tie Your Dog, Sally Gal [Blech, Kerry] [Adams, Will]; Train on the Island; Trot Along (My Honey) [Forrester, Howard]; Twinkle Little Star; Twinkle Little Star [Forrester, Howard]; Two Friends Quadrille [Kane, Ron]; Two White Nickels [Blech, Kerry]; Walki
Eine Erweiterung der Neuauflage der klassischen Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes – Volume 2, Favorite American Listening Pieces, Two Steps and Marches for Fiddle präsentiert über 120 klassische und weniger bekannte Geigenmelodien aus allen Teilen der Vereinigten Staaten Amerikas – einige davon auch in verschiedenen Variationen.

Diese Schatztruhe beinhaltet viele mysteriöse, einsame, manchmal gewundene aber immer wunderschön klingende Melodien welche nicht in typische Geigenkategorien einzuordnen sind. Sie gehören jedoch zu den beliebstesten Melodien bekannter Geiger.

All the pieces are transcribed from performances of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Kenny Kosek, Pete Sutherland, Eck Robertson, Bruce Greene, Hoyt Ming, Jere Canote, Luther Strong, John Salyer, Clark Kessinger, Kenny Baker, Howdy Forrester, John Hartford, and dozens more.Bowings and chord accompaniment are included. This book will also be of value to students of classical music and Suzuki trained children. The tunes can serve as fun changes-of-pace from the drudgery of scales and arpeggios. And they illustrate America’s great tradition of fiddling.
VLN, Violine Englisch
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