Spectrum For Piano

Spectrum For Piano
Notenbuch ABRSM Publishing
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Cantilena [Skempton, Howard]; Constellations I And Ii [Burrell, Diana]; Dark March [Hoddinott, Alun]; Diversion [Sawer, David]; Far Away [Zev Gordon, Michael]; Ff [Harvey, Jonathan]; If The Silver Bird Could Speak [Alberga, Eleanor]; Landscape [Cashian, Philip]; Lutie’s Arabesque [Salter, Timothy]; Memorial Blues (For Phyllis Hyman) [Jackson, Gabriel]; Mira [Montague, Stephen]; Moonscape [Roxburgh, Edwin]; Moto Perpetuo [Elias, Brian]; Sazz [Fitlkin, Graham]; Song Without End [Payne, Anthony]; Stele For John Lambert [Roberts, Jeremy Dale]; Still [Toovey, Anthony]; Toccata [Bedford, David]; Trace [Redgate, Rodger]; Yvaropera 5 [Finnissy, Michael]
Twenty contemporary works for solo Piano compiled by Thalia Myers. Includes works by Diana Burrell, Jonathan Harvey and Howard Skempton.
PF, Klavier Englisch
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