Songs Of Work And Protest

Songs Of Work And Protest
Notenbuch Dover Publications
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, I’m A Bum; A Man’s A Man For A‘ That; A Miner’s Life; A New Jerusalem; Acres Of Clams; Automation; Beans, Bacon, And Gravy; Blow Ye Winds In The Morning; Bread And Roses; Brother John; Canaday-i-o; Casey Jones [Newton, Eddie]; Dark As A Dungeon; Down In A Coal Mine; Down On Penny’s Farm; Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill; Eleven Cent Cotton; Everybody Saturday Night; Fourpence A Day; Get Thee Behind Me, Satan; Go Down, Moses; Going Down The Road Feeling Bad; Going To Study War No More; Great Day; Hallelujah; Hard Times In The Mill; Hard Travelling; Hey Ho, Nobody Home; Hinky Dinky Parlez-vous; Hold The Fort; I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister; It Could Be A Wonderful World; Jefferson And Liberty; Jerry, Go Oil That Car; Joe Hill; John Brown’s Body; John Henry; Kevin Barry; Leave Her, Johnny; Let Us All Speak Our Minds; Life Is A Toil; Low Bridge, Everybody Down; Men Of The Soil; My Sweetheart’s The Mule In The Mines; No Irish Need Apply; No More Auction Block; O Freedom!; Old Ma Bell; On The Line; One Happy Swede; Pat Works On The Railway; Planting Rice; Roll The Union On; Sixteen Tons; So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You; Solidarity Forever; Take This Hammer; Talking Union; The Abolitionist Hymn; The Anthem Of The Ilgwu; The Battle Hymn Of The Republic; The Blantyre Explosion; The Boll Weevil; The Buffalo Skinners; The Commonwealth Of Toil; The Cutty Wrenl Die Gedanken Sind Frei; The Death Of Mother Jones; The Dodger; The Eight Hour Day; The Farmer Is A Man; The Man That Waters The Workers‘ Beer; The Merseillaise; The Mill Wasmade Of Marble; The Old Chisholm Trail; The Peatbog Soldiers; The Preacher And The Slave; The Red Flag; The Rich Man And The Poor Man; The Scabs Crawl In; The Song Of The Guaranteed Wage; The Soup Song; The Teacher’s Lament; The Uaw-cio; The West Virginnia Hills; The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blus; These Things Shall Be!; Times Is Mighty Hard; Too Old To Work; Union Maid; Union Man; Union Trade; United Steelworkers Are We; We Are Building A Strong Union; We Are Marching On To Victory; We Shall Be Moved; We Will Overcme; When Wilt Thou Save The People?; Which Side Are Yu On?; You’ve Got To Go Down And Join The Union; Zum Gali Gali
In dieser Ausgabe befinden sich 100 Lieder der Arbeiterbewegung, zusammen mit Kommentaren und Geschichten aus dieser Zeit. U.a. mit Liedern von by Joe Hill, Ralph Chaplin, Joe Glazer, Merle Travis, Woody Guthrie, the Almanac Singers u.a. Musiker aus aller Welt. ‚Union Maid,‘ ‚Joe Hill,‘ ‚We Shall Not Be Moved,‘ u.v.m.

Nachdruck der Songs of Work and Freedom Ausgabe, 1960.
PVG, Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre Englisch
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