Sonatine – Partitur

Sonatine - Partitur
Notenbuch Edition Wilhelm Hansen

My Sonatina for wind quintet was written in January 2002. The three movements of the work (Moderato, Andante Sostenuto and Allegro con brio) are very much based in both structure and idiom on the classical tradition and gesture – the transformations in the first movement, everything kept in place in a tight classical form. The wind quintet’s many commedia dell’arte masks are presented with humour, and the work recalls works from musical history where composers have been inspired by spontaneous popular gaiety. Anders Koppel, 2003
BSN, CLT, FLT, HN, OB, PIC, Fagott, Klarinette, Querflöte, Horn, Oboe, Pikkoloflöte Dänisch
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