Solo Now! Preparatory Book

Solo Now! Preparatory Book
Notenbuch Chanterelle

A Little Russian Tale [Downs, Colin]; Beasties [Tommis, Colin]; Bicycle Blues [Wright, Richard]; Carousel [Eady, Ginette]; Dragon Dance [Harrison, Fiona]; Galoshing About [Kenyon, Stephen]; Gimme Five [Glyn, Gareth]; Heidi [Downs, Colin]; High Life [Corr, Richard]; In A Japanese Garden [Batchelar, Peter]; Learning To Tie Shoelaces [Tommis, Colin]; Little Sad Valse [Ivanovic, Vojislav]; Love Song [Hasted, Derek]; Monday Morning Blues [Wrieden, Peter]; My Dog Has Fleas [Downs, Colin]; Pas-de-deux [Wright, Richard]; Play It Cool [Browning, Neil]; Regular Reggae [Hasted, Derek]; Rising Damp [Kenyon, Stephen]; Rumba Flamenca [Corr, Richard]; Sad Song [Glyn, Gareth]; Skate On The Lake [Lindsey-Clark, Vincent]; Square Pegs, Round Holes [Tommis, Colin]; Stanton Moor [Wrieden, Peter]; Stepping Out [Batchelar, Peter]; The Blacksmith’s Boy [Wrieden, Peter]; The Cowboy Trail [Eady, Ginette]; The Forbidden City [Browning, Neil]; The Lost Abbey [Wrieden, Peter]; The Persistent Plea [Wright, Richard]
Original progressive Guitar solos. From the EGTA series.
GTR, Gitarre Englisch
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