Sheila M. Nelson: Classical Violinist

Sheila M. Nelson: Classical Violinist
Notenbuch Boosey & Hawkes
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Adagio (Divertimento In D Major K.334) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Adagio (Sonata In G K.379) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Air Varie [Rode, Jacques-Pierre]; Allegro (Duo In C Op.14) [Campagnoli, Bartolomeo]; Allegro (Sonata In G K.379) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Andante Scherzando (Sonata Op.23) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]; Cherubino’s Arietta (Le Nozze Di Figaro) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Finale (Sonatina In G Minor Op.137 No.3) [Schubert, Franz]; Les Soupirs (Sonata OP.39 No.1) [Dussek, Jan Ladislaw]; Minuet And Trio [Pleyel, Ignaz]; Presto (Divertimento No.20) [Haydn, Franz Joseph]; Romance (Concerto No.1) [Tulindberg, Erik]; Scherzo (Sonata In C Minor Op.30 No.2) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]; Tambourin [Gossec, Francois Joseph]; Tempo Di Menuetto (Sonata In A Minor) [Benda, Frantisek]; The Brook (Die Schone Mullerin) [Schubert, Franz]
A progressive selection of fifteen popular and celebrated works from the Classical period for the confident Violin soloist. A wide variety of pieces have been chosen from the great works of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, that demonstrate the elegance and symmetry of the Classical approach, with pieces thatr challenge all manner of technique and authentic style. Generous and detailed performance notes are included, by the distinguished and world-renowned Violin teacher Sheila M. Nelson.
VLN, PFA, Violine, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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