Quiero Tocar La Trumpeta

Quiero Tocar La Trumpeta
Notenbuch, CD Mel Bay Publications

(I want to play the trumpet) If you ever want to play the trumpet, and you think it’s hard or difficult to learn, and you’re looking for an easy book, look no more, the Victor M. Barba’s book ‚Quiero Tocar La Trompeta‘ is here. Finally there is an ‚Easy to understand‘ book to learn how to play the basics on the trumpet. The only book that includes music notes and music notes name, graphics and fingering, plus a CD, all in one book. With this book you will learn how to read music and learn music theory; you have progressive studies, many original songs, exercises, and daily technique. Comes with 74 musical examples, notes chart, and fingering for each note. ‚Quiero Tocar La Trompeta‘ is a must-have from Easy Music School and Mel Bay Publications! Companion CD of examples included.
TPT, Trompete Spanisch
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