Pinocchio (Director’s Score)

Pinocchio (Director's Score)
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A Pisticcio For Pinocchio; Growing Up; If You Believe; If You Believe (Finale); Money Grows On A Money Tree; Overture; Pinocchio; The Hee Haw Song; The Land Where Everything You Ever Wanted Comes True; The Puppet And The Puppeteer; You’ve Got A Lot To Learn
James Leisy and Carl Eberhard have created a convincing and entertaining musical based on the classic story The Adventures of Pinocchio by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. The songs are filled with character and life and delicately contrast between the funny and serious. This score has been skilfully arranged with SA(B) Voices with Piano Accompaniment by Joyce Merman.

This director’s score is a fantastic resource to work from, including the complete songs and arrangements, complete libretto, bridging music, and performance and stage directions.
SAB, PFA, SAB , Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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