Philip Sparke: Super Duets – 2 Trumpets

Philip Sparke: Super Duets - 2 Trumpets
Notenbuch Anglo Music
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All Change; Be Flexible!; Build Your Tone; Canon; Circus March; Follow The Leader; Let’s Tune; Lyric Piece; March Of The Toys; Morning Song; Moto Perpetuo; Mountain Air; Time For A Change; Toccata Variations; Wish You Were Here
The early stages of learning any instrument are undoubtedly the most important. A good teacher is of course essential but it is also vital to have stimulating study material, which complements your choice of teaching method, and is carefully tailored to introduce learning and playing skills in a structured manner. In writing this collection, Philip Sparke worked with many instrumental teachers to discover exactly what was required for each instrument to help players develop the full range of skills whilst still having fun. Each book of this collection is specifically tailored for the developing musician and focuses on study, solos and duets aimed to improve specific technical and musical demands of the instrument.
TPT(2), Trompete(Duett) Englisch
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