Peter Maxwell Davies: The Spiders‘ Revenge Unpitched Percussion Part

Peter Maxwell Davies: The Spiders' Revenge Unpitched Percussion Part
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The Spiders‘ Revenge (Maxwell Davies)
The Spiders‘ Revenge is a short music-theatre work (duration about 25 minutes) designed for performance by primary school children. The work was written for Evie Primary School, a small rural school in Orkney of about 60 pupils between the ages of five and eleven, and was specially devised to enhance an environmental studies project on ‚mini-beasts‘. All the pupils in the school took part in the first performance.
Two children, playing in a garden, delight in tormenting ladybirds, snails, spiders and other living creatures who, they claim ‚have no right to be‘. The spiders teach the children a salutary lesson, during the course of which they learn a great deal about the ways of these creatures, finally recognizing the wonder of the insect world and acknowledging that all ‚have their place on the earth‘.
The songs include simple recorder and percussion parts and guitar chords.
Unpitched percussion part. This is a special item which is made to order. Please e-mail our Mail Order Department for further information.
PERC, Percussion Englisch
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