Paul Coles: 26 Melodic Studies – Easy-Intermediate: Guitar

Paul Coles: 26 Melodic Studies - Easy-Intermediate: Guitar
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Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A Rainy Day; Autumn Song; Cactus Lily; Cloudburst!; Continuo; Crazy Foam; Cumulus Clouds; Daily Warm-Ups; Fancyful Night; Flatlands; Fun at the Circus; Hopscotch; Lullaby; Moonlight; Nocturne; Out And About; Romantic Etude; Romantic Waltz; Russian Doll; Sliding About; Some basic chord shapes in the key of C major; Star Gazing; Subway; Summertime; Tempo rapido!; Trip in a Rickshaw; Walking The Dog

Paul Coles26 Melodic Studies are designed to help the student to develop a basic technique based upon the traditional teachings of renowned guitarists Francisco Tárrega, Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani to name but a few.

The studies progress from relatively easy to more demanding pieces so it is an album designed to accompany the student on their journey as they advance from an initial to an intermediate standard. The contemporary style of the music is tuneful and light , making the featured pieces both fun and interesting to play, and fingerings have been carefully considered for accuracy and ease of facility.

Paul Coles brings to these studies his combined skills as composer, guitar player and teacher and sets out a clear technical and musical route map for the student to achieve excellent results.

More than plain studies, he uses a pleasing and up-to-date musical language. Here are some pieces with catchy melodies, jazzy harmonic turns and foot-tapping rhythms.

I am sure they will inspire the student to learn and enjoy at the same time – an ideal combination.‘ – Carlos Bonell, International guitarist, arranger and teacher

GTR, Gitarre Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch
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