On The Right Track: Level 1

On The Right Track: Level 1
Notenbuch, CD Universal Edition
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Baroque Groove; Blue Anchor Lane; Blues In Three; Close To The Minimum; Dancing Fifths; Discrete Syncopations; Fiver; Hymn; Modal Moves; Sixth Sense Blues; Stepping Out; Waltz In F
On The Right Track presents 12 easy Jazz Piano solos to add a cool swing to your practice hours. You will discover for the first time exactly what it’s like to play in a real Jazz trio, as this book is accompanied by a CD of Bass and Drum backing tracks. Mike Cornick’s clever solos allow you to explore a variety of styles from Ragtime and Trad to Latin syncopations and cool Blues sounds. Each piece is a performance solo in itself, giving you some entertaining tunes for your next performance, either as a soloist or with the backing tracks.
PF, Klavier Englisch, Deutsch
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