Maconchy: Piccola Musica (Score)

Maconchy: Piccola Musica (Score)
Notenbuch Elizabeth Maconchy Chester Music

Piccola Musica is written for string trio and consists of five short movements, independent of each other, apart from the ‚tie-up‘ between numbers I and V. The texture is in the main contrapuntal, though less consistently so than in Maconchy Quartets, and the mood is more relaxed.

The five ‚piccoli movimenti‘ are: I Allegro moderato, II Andante, III Moderato, IV Poco lento, V Allegro moderato- meno mosso-allegro moderato: in its end is its beginning.
VLN, VLA, VLC, Violine, Bratsche, Cello Englisch
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