Liza Lehmann: 14 Songs

Liza Lehmann: 14 Songs
Notenbuch Thames
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Ah! Not A Drop; Dusk In The Valley; Evensong; It Was A Lover And His Lass; Jim; Love, If You Knew The Light; Magdelen At Michael’s Gate; No Candle Was There And No Fire; The Lily Of A Day; The Swing; The Wren; The Yellowhammer; To A Little Red Spider; When I Am Dead, My Dearest
Fourteen compositions that showcase Lehmann’s very personal harmonic style and rich harmonic language. This songbook includes her own personal favourite Magdalen At Michael’s Gate and her strangely prophetic final composition When I Am Dead, My Dearest, written just six weeks before her death>
SOP, M, PFA, Sopran, Mezzo-Sopran, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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