Folk Songs Of Old New England

Folk Songs Of Old New England
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A Fox Went Out On A Starry Night; A Frog He Would A-wooing Go; A Long Time Ago; A Ship A-sailing; All Bound ‚Round With A Woolen String; Amsterdam; Away Down East; Barb’ry Ellen Or Barbara Allen; Billy Boy; Bingo; Blow The Man Down; Blow, Boys, Blow!; Blow, Ye Winds, Blow Or The Elfin Knight; Bold Dickie; Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine; Boston Fancy (Hornpipe); Canaday-i-o; Captain Kidd; Caroline Of Edinboro Town; Common Bill; Devil’s Dream; Did You Ever See A Lassie?; Dirante, My Son Or Lord Randall; Fair Rosamond Or Rosamond’s Downfall; Fiddle-de-dee; First Families Of Fall River; Fisher’s Hornpipe; French Four; Frog In The Well; Go In And Out The Windows; Go Tell Aunt Rhody; Grand March; Green Gravel; Green Grows The Rushes, Oh!; Green Mountain Volenteers; Gypsy Daisy; Haul Away, Joe!; Haul The Bowline; Haymaker’s Jig; Here Come Three Dukes A-riding; Here Stands An Old Maid Forsaken; Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May; Here We Go Up; High, Betty Martin; Homeward Bound; How Many Miles To London Town?; Hull’s Victory; I Am A Rich Widow; I Had A Little Nut Tree; I Put My Little Hand In; I’ll Give You A Paper Of Pins; I’ll Not Marry At All; In Good Old Colony Times; Jack Haggerty Or The Flat River Girl; Jennia Jones; Johnny Boker; Jolly Old Roger; Julia Grover; Katy Cruel; King’s Land; Lady Of The Lake; Lavender’s Blue; Lazy Mary; Let’s Go To The Woods Or The Hunting Of The Wren; London Bridge; Lord Lovell; Lucy Locket; Maid In The Pump Room; Maple Sweet; Miss Brown’s Reel; Money Musk; Morning Star; Mulb’ry Bush; My Fairey And My Forey; My Grandmother Lived On Yonder Little Green; Ninepin Quadrille; Old Horse; Old Pod-auger Times; Old Woman All Skin And Bone; Old Zip Coon; On The Green Carpet; Our Goodman; Over The Water To Charlie; Perrie, Merrie, Dixie, Domini; Peter Emily; Petronella; Plain Quadrille; Polly Oliver; Polly Van; Poor Mary Sits A-weeping; Pop! Goes The Weasel; Portland Fancy; Reuben Renzo; Ring Around O‘ Rosies; Rio Grande; Scotland’s Burning, And Three Blind Mice; Shall I Show You How The Farmer; Shenandoah Or The Wide Missouri; Soldier’s Joy; Speed The Plough; Springfield Mountain Or The Black Serpent; Steamboat Quickstep; Sweet Kitty Clover; The Bailiff’s Daughter Of Islington; The Bear Went Over The Mountain; The Brookfield Murder; The Bunnit Of Straw; The Butcher Boy; The Carrion Crow; The Dead Horse; The Devil And The Farmer’s Wife; The Duchess; The Farmer In The Dell; The Farmington Canal Song; The Gallant Victory; The Girl I Left Behind Me; The Jam On Gerry’s Rocks; The Jolly Miller; The Ladle Song; The Lumberman’s Alphabet; The Merry Dance; The Mill; The Monkey’s Wedding; The Needle’s Eye; The Ocean Burial; The Old Man Who Lived In The Wood; The Old Sow Song; The Old Woman In Dover; The Old Woman Who Went To Market; The Oxen Song; The Quaker’s Wooing; The Rolling Of The Stones Or The Twa Brothers; The Sawmill Song; The Tempest; The Twelve Days Of Christmas; The Twelve Days Of Christmas [Traditional]; The Waltz; The White Cockade; Three Children Sliding On The Ice; Three Crows; Three Jovial Huntsmen; Tittery Nan; Tommy’s Gone To Hilo; Too-ril-te-too; Tyburn Hill; Virginia Reel; Washing Day; Water, Water, Wild Flower; Whisky Johnnie; Wilikins And His Dinah; Will You Wear The Red? Or Jennie Jenkins; Young Alanthia; Young Charlotte
A wonderful book brimming with well over 100 folk songs and ballads, nursery rhymes and singing games, lumberman’s songs, sea chanteys, country dances, minstrel songs, child ballads and many more. Also included are the dances and actions for many of the songs. Many selections are local to New England, others are known elsewhere in the United States. A substantial number are related to English, Scottish and other European traditional music.
VCE, PFA, Gesang, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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