Christopher Norton: Microjazz For Trombone

Christopher Norton: Microjazz For Trombone
Notenbuch Boosey & Hawkes
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A Simple Song; Caribbean Style; Conchitos; Just That Minute; Noble Sentiments; Shoehorn Blues; Slow Boat; Stick Together; The Hero; Trombone Blues; Waxing And Waning
Part of the hugely successful educational series, written by Christopher Norton.

Microjazz features easy pieces that combine classical technique with the sounds and styles of popular music – jazz, blues, rock ’n‘ roll and reggae.

These ten stimulating, original pieces in popular styles for Trombone and Piano or Keyboard accompaniment are graded in order of difficulty. The compositions are designed to improve solo technique and character whilst developing articulation and rythmic nuances. Part of the successful Microjazz series, this book by Christopher Norton not only fun but a valuable resource for any developing Trombone player.
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