Kaija Saariaho: Changing Light (Soprano/Cello)

Kaija Saariaho: Changing Light (Soprano/Cello)
Notenbuch Chester Music

Changing Light
‚The piece has been written for Edna Michell’s Compassion project. In the composition I follow the idea of a dialogue, suggested by the text I have chosen. The intimate nature and fragile sound world of the duo mirror the fragility of our uncertain existence.‘
        – Kaija Saariaho

Light and darkness, night and day.
We marvel at the mystery of the stars.
Moon and sky, sand and sea.
We marvel at the mystery of the sun.
Twilight, high noon, dusk and dawn.
Though we are mortal, we are Creation’s crown.
Flesh and bone, steel and stone.
We dwell in fragile, temporary shelters.
Grant steadfast love, compassion, grace.
Sustain us, Lord; our origin is dust.
Splendor, mercy, majesty, love endure.
We are but little lower than the angels.
Resplendent skies, sunset, sunrise.
The grandeur of Creation lifts our lives.
Evening darkness, morning dawn.
Renew our lives as You renew all time.

SOP, VLC, Sopran, Cello Englisch
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A New Tune A Day: Performance Pieces (Cello)

A New Tune A Day: Performance Pieces (Cello)
Notenbuch, CD Boston Music
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Amazing Grace; Angel Eyes; Babu Sau; Banana Boat Song; Bill Bailey; Blackadder Theme; Bring Me Sunshine; By The Rivers Of Babylon; Catch A Falling Star; Dark Eyes; Das Wandern; Deep River; Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend; Dick’s Maggot; Ding Dong! Merrily On High; Early One Morning; Emperor Quartet; Estampie; Fig Leaf Rag; Grand March (Aida); Greensleeves; Hatikvah; In The Hall Of The Mountain King; Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair; John Brown’s Body; Jupiter; Kalinka; La Cucaracha; Lullaby; Mama Don’t Allow; Men Of Harlech; Mexican Hat Dance; Minuet; Minuet In G; Molly Malone; My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean ; Nellie The Elephant; Nobody Knows; Old Folks At Home; Once In Royal David’s City; Over The Hills; Perdido; Polovtsian Dance; Poor Little Buttercup; Radetsky March; Rock-a-my Soul; Santa Lucia; Satin Doll; Shenandoah; Steal Away; Steal Away (Steal Away To Jesus); Swan Lake; Telstar; The Ash Grove; The British Grenadiers; The Coasts Of High Barbary; The Frim Fram Sauce; The Hebrides; The Keel Row; Theme (Jurassic Park) [Williams (Composer), John]; Tit Willow; Try A Little Tenderness; Turkey In The Straw; Underneath The Arches; Waltz; We’ll Meet Again
Die gefeierte und award-winningreihe fährt mit einer Auswahl von Stücken in einer großen Auswahl von Arten und von Vielzahl fort, beschlossen, um dir ein großartiges Repertoire von Musik an einem Anfangsstadium zu geben. Von weithin bekannten klassischen Melodien und von den Showstoppers des Stadiums, zu den Jazzschlägen, zu den Volksliedern und zu den Filmthemen – die Vielfalt dieser zugänglichen Vorbereitungen liefert wesentliche frühe Erfahrung in aller Art von Leistungsarten. Die Musik umfaßt volle Begleitungen für das Klavier, Tastatur oder Gitarre und macht dieses Volumen den perfekten Begleiter zu einer neuen Melodie ein Kassabuch 1. Außerdem lässt eine Berufs- produzierte Audio-CD, verpackt mit der Betäubung von notierten Begleitungen und von Demonstrationen, dich dein Vertrauen und Fähigkeiten zu Hause entwickeln sowie anbietende großartige Schutzträgerbahnen für deine Schaukastenleistungen. Nimm dein Spielen zu einem neuen Niveau mit dieser großartigen Sammlung. Gut gewählt in der Show an NAMM 2006 durch Music Inc.-Zeitschrift.
VLC(S), Cello (mit Akkordsymbolen) Englisch
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Ludovico Einaudi: The Cello Collection

Ludovico Einaudi: The Cello Collection
Notenbuch, Downloads Chester Music
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A Fuoco; Dna; Indaco; Resta Con Me; Una Mattina

This new edition contains five pieces by Ludovico Einaudi, including some first-time publications and a brand new arrangement of the title track from his 2004 album ‚Una Mattina‘.

The 48-page full score (Piano accompaniment with solo top line) is complemented by a 16-page insert for solo Cello.An included download card gives exclusive access to specially recorded tracks, including full demonstrations as well as accompaniment-only backing tracks.

VLC, PFA, Cello, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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John Tavener: Innocence

John Tavener: Innocence
Notenbuch John Tavener Chester Music

Written in memory of innocent victims, this dramatic piece is ideally performed within a church. It uses texts form the Gospels, St Ephrem the Syrian, the Old testament, Shakespeare and from Mathnawi of Jalal al-Din Rumi.

The work begins in a musical wasteland, seemingly hopeless and without redemption. Words are turned upside down with apocalyptic screams from the organ. The work ends with an echo of this opening, but the suffering this time is inside redemption. All the various streams come from this and flow back into it in the pianissimo canon „The son of man is come to save that which is lost.“

Contains detailed performance suggestions; duration is 25 minutes.
SOP, TEN, VLC, HNDA, Sopran, Tenor, Cello, Hammond-Begleitung Englisch
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Richard Danielpour: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (Cello/Piano)

Richard Danielpour: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (Cello/Piano)
Notenbuch Associated Music Publishers

Danielpour’s Cello Concerto was premiered by Yo-Yo Ma and the San Francisco Symphony in 1994. In four movements: Invocation, Profanation, Soliloquy, Prayer and Lamentation.
VLC, PFA, Cello, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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Bags Of Christmas For Cello – Grade 1-2

Bags Of Christmas For Cello - Grade 1-2
Notenbuch Faber Music

Bags Of Christmas is full of tunes to get you into the festive mood. As well as lots of favourite carols and Christmas songs, there are some new ’seasonal soundscapes‘ picturing snowmen, snow angels, and a mischievious kitten!

Great material to play with friends, and at family gatherings and parties, from the build-up to Christmas right through to New Year! Each piece is complete in itself, so does not need an accompaniment, but for fun you could ask a friend to improvise a simple rhythm on drum or percussion to fit with your part.

Written and arranged by the UK’s leading string pedagogue Mary Cohen, creator of a wide range of imaginative teaching publications including Superstart.
VLC, Cello Englisch
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Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace

Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs Of Joy & Peace
Notenbuch Yo-Yo Ma Hal Leonard
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A Christmas Jig; Dona Nobis Pacem (Variations); Familia; Here Comes The Sun; Joy To The World; Mouth Of The Tobique Reel; The Wexford Carol; This Little Light Of Mine; Touch The Hand Of Love; You Couldn’t Be Cuter
Zehn Lieder arrangiert für Cello, Klavier und Gesang aus dem 2008 veröffentlichtem Album des bekannten klassischen Cellisten Yo Yo Ma, zusammen mit einigen berühmten Gästen. and a star-studded assembly of guest artists.
VLC, PFA, Cello, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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Stuart MacRae: Three Pieces For Cello And Piano

Stuart MacRae: Three Pieces For Cello And Piano
Notenbuch Stuart MacRae Novello & Co Ltd.

Three Pieces,
Three Pieces for cello and piano received its premiere on 9th June 1999 at St Cyprian’s Church, Marylebone, performed by Susie Winkworth (Cello) and Tamami Honma (piano).
Duration c. 8 minutes.
VLC, PFA, Cello, Klavierbegleitung Englisch
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