Cat Stevens: Complete Chord Songbook

Cat Stevens: Complete Chord Songbook
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(I Never Wanted) To Be A Star; (Remember The Days Of The) Old Schoolyard; 100 I Dream; 18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare); A Bad Night; A Bad Penny; Angelsea; Baby Get Your Head Screwed On; Back To The Good Old Times; Bad Brakes; Banapple Gas; Bitterblue; Blackness Of The Night; Bonfire; Bring Another Bottle Baby; But I Might Die Tonight; Can’t Keep It In; Ceylon City; Changes IV; Come On And Dance; Come On Baby (Shift That Log); Crab Dance; Crazy; Daytime; Don’t Be Shy; Doves; Drywood; Father; Father And Son; Fill My Eyes; Foreigner Suite; Freezing Steel; Ghost Town; God Is The Light; Granny; Hard Headed Woman; Here Comes My Baby; Here Comes My Wife; Home; Home In The Sky; Honey Man; How Can I Tell You; How Many Times; Hummingbird; I Love My Dog; I Love Them All; I See A Road; I Think I See The Light; I Want To Live In A Wigwam; I Wish, I Wish; If I Laugh; If Only Mother Could See Me Now; If You Want To Sing, Sing Out; I’m Gonna Be A King; I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun; I’m So Sleepy; Image Of Hell; Into White; It’s A Supa (Dupa) Life; I’ve Found A Love; I’ve Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old; Jesus; Just Another Night; Jzero; Katmandu; Killin‘ Time; King Of Trees; Kitty; Kypros; Lady; Lady D’arbanville; Land O‘ Free Love And Goodbye; Last Love Song; Later; Life; Lilywhite; Longer Boats; Love Lives In The Sky; Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?); Majik Of Majiks; Matthew And Son; Maybe You’re Right; Miles From Nowhere; Mona Bone Jakon; Monad’s Anthem; Moonshadow; Moonstone; Morning Has Broken; Music; Nascimento; Never; New York Times; Northern Wind; Novim’s Nightmare; O‘ Caritas; Oh Very Young; On The Road To Find Out; Peace Train; Pop Star; Portobello Road; Randy; Ready; Rubylove; Ruins; Sad Lisa; School Is Out; Silent Sunlight; Sitting; Smash Your Heart; Sun/C79; Sweet Jamaica; Sweet Scarlet; Tea For The Tillerman; The Artist; The Boy With A Moon And Star On His Head; The Day They Make Me Tsar; The First Cut Is The Deepest; The Hurt; The Joke; The Laughing Apple; The Tramp; The View From The Top; Time; Trouble; Tuesday’s Dead; Two Fine People; Was Dog A Doughnut?; When I Speak To The Flowers; Where Are You; Where Do The Children Play?; Whistlestar; Wild World
Texte und Akkorde zu über 130 Cat Stevens Songs. Arrangiert von den tatsächlichen Aufnahmen in den ursprünglichen Schlüssel.
LC(B), Text & Akkorde (mit Griffbildern) Englisch
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