Bob Chilcott/Peter Hunt: SongStream

Bob Chilcott/Peter Hunt: SongStream
Notenbuch Oxford University Press
Einfacher bis mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
A Round Of Three Country Dances In One [Ravenscroft, Thomas]; Aka-Tonbo [Yamada, Kousaku]; Blue Mountain River [Dillon, Cara] [Lakeman, Sam]; Can You Hear Me? [Chilcott, Bob]; Give Me Strength [Chilcott, Bob]; How Can I Keep From Singing? [Lowry, Robert]; Shake The Bottle [Chilcott, Bob] [Mole, John]; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; The Ribbon [Chilcott, Bob] [Mole, John]; With A Little Help From My Friends [Beatles, The]
10 fantastic songs for youth choirs, selected, compiled and arranged by Chilcott and Hunt to provide a relevant and accessible repertoire for SAB choral groups. The pieces cover a large range of styles and moods, from spirituals and traditional tunes to The Beatles and beyond.
SAB, SAB Englisch
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