Bob Chilcott: A Little Jazz Mass

Bob Chilcott: A Little Jazz Mass
Notenbuch Oxford University Press
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad
Agnus Dei; Benedictus; Gloria; Kyrie; Sanctus
This is a highly effective concert setting of the Latin Missa Brevis in which Chilcott’s Jazz influences come to the fore. Originally commissioned for upper voices by Cheryl Dupont and the New Orleans Children’s Chorus, the work embraces a variety of Jazz styles. The Kyrie has real groove, the Gloria swings, the Sanctus sits right back, the Benedictus hums along, and the Agnus Dei draws inspiration from the Blues. The voices are underpinned by a characterful Piano accompaniment, which can be played as written or serve as a guide, and bass and drums can join in ad lib, to add the flavour of an authentic Jazz combo. This is gorgeous, soulful music in an utterly original setting.
SATB, SATB (Gemischter Chor) Englisch
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