Banana Splits: Ways Into Part-Singing

Banana Splits: Ways Into Part-Singing
Notenbuch A & C Black
Alleluia Amen/Michael Row The Boat Ashore; Autumn Leaves; Banana Splits; Beat Box; Behind The Action; Big Ben Bean; By The Waters Of Babylon; Can You Dig That Crazy Gibberish?; Cat And Mouse Games; Choo Choo; Chuffers And Sneezers; Clap Your Hands; Dham Dham Dham; Down By The Bay; El Condor Pasa; Emanuel; Ewe!; Fiddle Diddle; Food Feast; Four White Horses; God Bless The Master; Have You Ever?; Hello…Goodbye; How Doth The Little Crocodile; I Hear The Bells; I Love The Flowers; I Wanna Sing Scat; Jack-In-The-Box; Jelly On A Plate; Jungle Sounds; Kum Bachur Atzel; London Bridge/Pease Pudding Hot; Make Up Your Own Ostinato; Mister Clicketty Cane; More Jungle Sounds; Mums And Dads; Music Alone Shall Live; Nanuma (Extended Version); Nanuma (Short Version); Noah’s Shanty; One, Two, Three, Four; Parade Day!; Partner Syllables; Poppycock Pie; Rings And Circles; Sing A Little Song; Soualle; Sports Day Race; Stand By Me; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Tambourine Talk; Ten Green Bottles/Green Glass; The Band; The Green Cross Code; The Human Drum Kit; The Shark; The Telephone Song; Time For A ‚Hocket‘; Tomorrow’s Another Day; Tongo; Traffic Lights; TV Tantrum; Which Note?; Wipe, Sniff, Drip
A colourful and lively set of classroom songs that are packed with ideas for part-singing, rounds, singing conversations and actions. Designed to introduce part-singing at a young age, this collection is great fun to learn and sing together.
PVG, Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre Englisch
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