300 Fiddle Tunes

300 Fiddle Tunes
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Admiral’s Hornpipe; Alhambra Reel; Alistair Macalastair Dance; Andrew Carey’s Jig; Ariel Hornpipe; Arkansas Traveller; Avalanche Lancashire Clog; Bag Of Meal; Bamford Hornpipe; Banjo Reel; Banks Of Enverness; Beaux Of Oak Hill; Belle Of The Ball; Belle Of The Kitchen; Belles Of Campbelltown, Strathspey; Belles Of Edinboro‘, Highland Fling; Belles Of Lewiston; Belles Of Tipperary Reel; Ben Lomond Scotch Dance; Billy O’rourke’s Jig; Billy Patterson’s Jig; Billy The Barber; Blue Eyed Lassie; Blue Stocking Clog; Bonnie Kate’s Reel; Bonniest Lass In Ayer; Bottle Of Brandy; Boys Of Brockhill; Bricklayer’s Hornpipe; Broken Lantern; Bunch Of Roses; Campbells Are Comin‘; Campbell’s Hornpipe; Captain Holmes‘ Jig; Carmichael’s; Catholic Bill’s Jig; Catholic Boys; Charles‘ Favorite; Charlie Mack’s Jig; Cherish The Ladies; Chorus Jig; Cincinnati Lancashire Clog; Cincinnatti Hornpipe; Clancy’s Favorite; College Hornpipe; Collin’s Reel; Come Under My Pladdie; Come, Haste To The Wedding; Connelly’s Ale; Constitution Hornpipe; Copenhagen Hornpipe; Corinthian Hornpipe; Curt Lawrence’s Hornpipe; Danish Dance; Danish Hornpipe; Delaware Hornpipe; Democratic Hornpipe; Devil Among The Tailors; Devil’s Dream; Devine’s Hornpipe; Diamond Jig, The; Dimen Dru Deelish; Dominion Reel; Donnybrook; Double Head Jig, The; Dublin Lasses; Dundee Hornpipe; Durang’s Hornpipe; Early Morn Lancashire Clog; Eileen Alanna; Erie Hornpipe; Erin’s Isle; Esmeralda; Essence Of Old Kentucky; Essence Of Old Virginny; Eviction Jig; Exile’s Lament; Fagins Holiday; Fairy Dance; Farewell To Erin; Farrel O’gara’s Favorite; Favorite Hornpipe; First Of May; Fisher’s Hornpipe; Fling Dang Reel; Flowers Of St Petersburg; Four Hand Scotch Reel; Fred Wilson’s Clog; Game Cock Reel; Garry Owen; Geese In The Bog; Girl I Left Behind Me; Good For The Tongue; Green Fields Of America; Green Forever; Green Grow The Rushes O; Hand Organ Hornpipe; Harlequin Hornpipe; Hibernia’s Pride; High Level Hornpipe; Highland Fling; Highland Skip; Highway To Dublin Jig; Hopkin’s Hornpipe; Hull’s Victory; Humors Of Donnybrook; I’m O’er Young To Marry Yet, Strathspey; Indian River Hornpipe; Irish Fancy; Irish Show Boy; Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies; Ivy Leaf Reel; Jackson’s Fancy Jig; Jenny Danged The Weaver Reel; Joe Kennedy’s Jig; Johnny Morgan’s Jig; Joy’s Of Wedlock; Katy’s Rambles; Katy’s Reel; Kilkenny Rovers; Kitty Clyde’s Reel; Kitty O’neil’s Jig; Kitty Tyrrell’s Jig; Ladies Delight; Ladies Triumph; Lady Baird’s Strathspey; Lady Jane Gray’s Reel; Lady Mary Ramsay’s Strathspey; Lady Templeton’s Clog; Lady Walpole’s Reel; Lamplighter’s Hornpipe; Lancashire Clog; Land Of Sweet Erin; Lanigan’s Ball; Larry Grogan’s Jig; Larry O’gaff; Larry O’toole’s Jig; Lee’s Double Clog; Limber Up Reel; Limerick Lass; Little Drummer’s Jig; Little House Under The Hill; Little Peggy’s Jig; Liverpool Hornpipe; Loch Eroch Side; Loony Mc Twolter; Lord James‘ Reel; Lord Nelson’s Hornpipe; Macgregor’s Hornpipe; Maggie Brown’s Favorite; Magic Slipper; Maid On The Green; Marquis Of Huntly’s Strathspey; Mary Rose’s Reel; Mason’s Apron; Mc Donald’s Reel; Mc Guffum’s Reel; Miller’s Reel; Minstrel’s Fancy Clog; Miss Barker’s Hornpipe; Miss Brown’s Reel; Miss Campbell’s Reel; Miss Johnson’s Hornpipe; Miss Johnson’s Reel; Miss Kelly’s Reel; Miss Mc Leod’s Reel; Miss Mountain’s Hornpipe; Miss Stuart’s Strathspey; Money Musk; Morgon Rattler Jig; Morton’s Reel; Mountain Ranger Hornpipe; Mountain Reel; Mrs. Adye’s Strathspey; Mrs. Monroe’s Jig; Muldoon’s Favorite; Munster Lass; My Bonnie Laddie, Highland Fling; My Love Is Like The Red, Red Rose; My Wedding Day; Neal Gow’s Wife, Strathspey; Neath The Moonlight Reel; Nelson’s Victory; New Orleans Lancashire Clog; New York Reel; Niagara Hornpipe; Night Cap Jig; Occidental Hornpipe; O’connell’s Welcome; Old Sport Reel; Old Zip Coon; On The Road Clog; On The Road To Dublin; One Bottle More; Opera Reel; O’rafferty’s Jig; Oriental Hornpipe; Our Boys Jig; Paddy Carey’s Fortune; Paddy Haggerty; Pad
Diese umfassende Sammlung fabelhafte Geigenmelodien umfaßt Spulen, Hörner, strathspeys, Spannvorrichtungen, Walzer und langsam lüftet.
VLN, Violine Englisch
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